Dhruv Rathee Exposes Electoral Bond Scam

It was the people’s money, he emphasises, that was given away by the BJP government to the donors. Why would companies buy bonds worth several hundred crores and donate to political parties?

As answer, Rathee cites the example of the Kaleshwaram irrigation project in Telangana-Andhra Pradesh at an estimated cost of Rs 81,000 crore. The cost, however, soon escalated to Rs 1.37 lakh crore, with ordinary tax payers paying for a flawed project report and resulting cost escalation.

Rathee trains his gun on just three companies — the Oreva Group which built and maintained the bridge in Morbi (Gujarat) which collapsed, the Pune-based BG Shirke Construction Group, and Hyderabad-based Megha Engineering — to make his point.

All three companies, despite their dubious record, were awarded lucrative projects to complete. Enormous amounts of public money were pledged to these relatively small entities instead of bigger and better ones, including some in the public sector, in lieu of which they bought electoral bonds worth several hundred crores.

Rathee also calls out Union home minister Amit Shah’s ‘lies’. At an India Today conclave earlier this month, Shah claimed that electoral bonds worth Rs 20,000 crore were sold by SBI, of which the BJP received bonds worth just Rs 6,000 crore, with the remaining funds going to other parties.

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