International scholars write open letter

Expressing deep concern at the recent tendency in India to incarcerate critics of the NDA government without trial, and often without even a complete charge sheet, several international scholars, academicians, and writers have written an open letter addressed to all concerned, urging the global community to take note.

“This entire democratic tradition is being fundamentally undermined by some recent developments in that country. Any abridgement of democracy in India is tragic, not only for the people of India, but for all of humanity,” reads the letter.

The statement, including a separate one by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen addressed to “my fellow citizens”, provides several instances of journalists and activists who have been incarcerated for simply being critical of the current government.

The letter points out that Prabir Purkayastha, the 75-year-old journalist, author, and founding editor of independent news portal Newsclick, has been arrested and, despite being imprisoned for nearly six months, is yet to be served a charge-sheet.

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