Israel Hamas War Live: Hezbollah attack wounds 17 Israelis; heavy fighting rages near main Gaza hospital

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that his troops had offered fuel to Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital, and alleged that Hamas forbade the hospital from accepting it. 

“On the contrary, we offered actually, last night, to give them enough fuel to operate the hospital, operate the incubators and so on, because we (have) no battle with patients or civilians at all…Hamas, (which) is hiding in the hospitals and placing itself there, doesn’t want the fuel for the hospital … they want to get fuel that they’ll take from the hospitals to their tunnels, to their war machine,” Netanyahu said. 

The Palestinian group denied it had refused 300 liters of fuel from Israel intended for medical use at Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital.

“The offer belittles the pain and suffering of the patients who are trapped inside without water, food, or electricity. This quantity is not enough to operate hospital generators for more than thirty minutes,” Hamas added in a statement.

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