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Israel-Iran Conflict: Naor Gilon, Israel’s ambassador to India, reaffirmed Israel’s resilience and readiness to confront Iran following a recent attack. Gilon emphasised Israel’s ability to intercept a significant portion of UAVs and missiles launched by Iran, albeit with minor damage at the Nevatim air base. He highlighted the support of the US and other regional allies in this endeavour.

Addressing India’s role in the escalating tensions, Gilon stressed the importance of India’s influence in restoring stability to the region. In an interview with news agency PTI at the Israeli Embassy in India, he stated, “I think that we expect from India, as a friend, to be very strong in the international community in making sure that Iran stops its destabilisation of West Asia.” Gilon underscored India’s vested interest in the region due to its substantial economic ties and the presence of millions of Indian expatriates.

 He deemed India as a very respected player in the international platform and said the country should put its influence and weight into bringing things back to normal. 

“Many business connections, strong ones with the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. And, I think, this is very important that India will be active as a part of the international community, in stopping Iran,” PTI quoted him as saying.

Naor Gilon detailed the intensity of the recent Iranian attack, stating, “The Iranians shot about 350 different UAVs to cruise missiles to surface-to-surface missiles, all in all about 60 tonnes of explosives, trying to overcome the Israeli defence system by shooting simultaneously.”

He expressed gratitude for the support from the US and regional allies, as well as the robust capabilities of Israel’s air defence and air force, which enabled the interception of 99 per cent of the missiles and UAVs, resulting in no casualties. However, he lamented the injury of a young seven-year-old Bedouin Muslim girl from southern Israel, expressing hope for her recovery.

Characterising the attack as a continuation of Iran’s destabilising behaviour in West Asia, Gilon asserted, “Iran cannot continue this behaviour, if we need we will confront Iran.” He emphasised that Israel is compelled to respond to such provocations, stating, “It is not a choice of ours. We are merely the receiving side here.” Gilon affirmed Israel’s readiness to retaliate or send a clear message to Iran that such actions are unacceptable.

He called for a unified international effort to pressure Iran, particularly concerning its nuclear programme, which he deemed potentially devastating for the world.

Israeli Envoy Condemns Seizure Of Iran-Seized Vessel As ‘Piracy’

On the topic of the recent seizure of a cargo ship with Israeli links by the Iranian military near the Strait of Hormuz, Gilon condemned it as an act of piracy in international waters. His response comes as External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has spoken to Tehran calling for the release of the 17 Indians aboard the vessel. ALSO READ | Israel-Iran Conflict: Jaishankar Discusses With Iranian FM Release Of 17 Indians Onboard Seized Vessel

Gilon also addressed the significance of technology in modern conflicts, particularly Israeli-developed technology and skilled pilots in countering threats. According to PTI, he stressed, “Technology in future combats is going to be a big factor, a major factor.”

In response to inquiries about fostering security among Israeli citizens, Gilon reassured that all residents, regardless of nationality, are treated equally in terms of protection. He acknowledged the presence of around 18,500 Indian residents in Israel and affirmed Israel’s commitment to safeguarding them.

“If Iran goes forward with its nuclear programme, if it will be nuclear … it will be devastating for the world, not only for Israel. So, one has to look at it from this viewpoint too. I think the international community should unite to put pressure on Iran,” he added, as quoted by PTI. 

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), in a statement, lauded the close cooperation between the US military and the IDF in countering Iran’s recent aerial attack, highlighting the strength of their coalition.

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