Mediatory talks on for a two-month-long ceasefire to release hostages

Hectic parleys are on in Doha, Cairo and Washington for a two-month-long ceasefire between Israel and Hamas for release of hostages.

Arab and Qatari media have reported that the Hamas leadership wants a permanent truce on the release of hostages.

Sources in Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office told IANS that Israel was not agreeing to such a truce.

IANS had earlier reported that the latest round of mediatory talks commenced on 28 December and is continuing. However, Israel side may agree for a one month ceasefire for a phased release of hostages in exchange of Palestinian prisoners who are in Israel’s jails.

The agreement, if done, would have a phased release of hostages commencing from civilians to soldiers and reservists who are in the captivity of Hamas.

The Hamas side also wants Israel to agree for the relocation of its top leaders including Mohammed Deif and Yahya Sinwar to be relocated to other countries, which according to sources, Israel has not agreed upon.

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