Moscow Concert Hall Attack Putin Vows Harsh Retribution Attackers Tried To Flee To Ukraine

Moscow Concert Hall Attack: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that the four gunmen who killed more than 100 people at a Moscow concert hall had been arrested. He vowed harsh retribution for everyone involved in plotting the attack, as reported by news agency AFP.

Further speaking on the shooting incident that took place in Crocus City Hall, Putin said that the attackers tried to escape and claimed that they were moving towards the border of Ukraine. “They tried to escape; they were moving towards the border of Ukraine… The investigative authority will do everything to identify them. These criminals went specifically to kill our people. We expect that other nations that share our pain will cooperate with us. These terrorists have no nationality,” the Russian President said.

The Russian President declared March 24 as a day of national mourning. “I am speaking to you today in connection with the bloody, barbaric terrorist act, the victims of which were dozens of innocent, peaceful people… I declare 24th March a day of national mourning.”

Earlier, the Kremlin said that the Director of the FSB security service briefed Putin on the arrest of 11 people, including all four assailants, in connection with the attack at a concert hall in Moscow on Friday, AFP reported.

State news agencies quoted the Kremlin as stating, “The head of the FSB security service Alexander Bortnikov informed Russian President Vladimir Putin about the detention of 11 people, including all four terrorists directly involved in carrying out the attack at Crocus City Hall.”

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The attack, which occurred at a large concert hall in Moscow, resulted in the death of over 115 people, with more than 100 others sustaining injuries, according to reports from AP. The assailants entered the venue and indiscriminately fired upon the crowd before setting the premises ablaze.


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