Passenger In Mexico Opens Emergency Exit, Walks On Plane’s Wing After Flight Delay

The airport said the man had been turned over to police.

An Aeromexico passenger opened an emergency exit and walked out on a wing of a plane after a four-hour delay at the Mexico City airport, BBC reported. The incident happened while the plane was parked and waiting for takeoff from Mexico International Airport in Mexico City on Thursday. According to Flight Aware, the flight that typically departs at 08:50 and is scheduled to arrive at 10:46, did not depart Mexico City until 14:19 after a lengthy delay. The delay was caused by a maintenance issue, an incident report said.

”The passengers were unhappy and one of them opened the emergency door and stepped out on the wing. This event required the plane to be changed,” the report added. 

Mexico International Airport said no harm had been caused, but that the passenger had been handed to police. 

The airport said in a statement that “yesterday a passenger on a flight to Guatemala opened an emergency door on a plane while it was stationary at a remote position, stood on a wing and then re-entered the cabin, without affecting the aircraft or anyone else.”

“In line with international security regulations, this person turned himself over to the authorities,” it said.

However, dozens of passengers signed a written statement protesting the airport’s decision to turn the man over to the authorities. At least 77 passengers onboard the aircraft signed the statement demanding the passenger’s immediate release. They said the man’s outburst was ”to protect everyone, with the support of everyone.”

“All passengers on the flight from CDMX [Mexico City] to Guatemala [flight] AM 0672 state that the passenger on board who opened the emergency window was for the protection of everyone, with the support of everyone, since the delay and lack of air created dangerous conditions for the health of the passengers. He saved our lives,” the handwritten note by passengers reads.

Airport authorities did not identify the man, and they declined to comment on whether he remains in custody or faces charges.

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