PM Modi guilty of bald-faced lie, taking credit for bonds disclosure: Ramesh

And in an interview to ANI released today, Modi claimed “when electoral bonds were in use, the public had access to the money trail — which company donated, to whom they donated, and how they donated.”

At the end of October 2023, in a statement filed before the Supreme Court in the electoral bonds case, attorney-general R. Venkataramani submitted that citizens “do not have the right to information under article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution regarding the funding of a political party”.

Calling Modi’s claims “a bald-faced lie”, Ramesh’s statement made the following points:

1. Before the electoral bonds scheme was announced, individuals and corporations had to report political donations greater than Rs 20,000. Once the scheme was implemented, donors were no longer obliged to report donations, and political parties did not have to disclose donor identities.

2. The scheme was designed to be fully anonymous. In other words, Modi wanted to hide the details of “where funds have come from [to political parties], and how they are being used”.

3. For six years between 2018 and 2024, not a single detail was revealed to the public about who donated funds and to which political party.

4. This continued until 15 February 2024, when the Supreme Court rejected the electoral bonds scheme as unconstitutional. Up until the last day in court, the Modi government continued to defend the anonymity of the scheme.

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