Probe says driver overshot red signal

A preliminary probe into Monday’s derailment of the Sabarmati-Agra Superfast Express near Ajmer has revealed that the loco pilot overshot the red signal, after which it collided with two rear wagons of a freight train.

Four coaches of the passenger train, which was on its way to Agra, derailed near Ajmer station on Monday. No loss of life was reported in the incident.

The joint probe report, signed by seven experts, said train number 12458 (Sabarmati-Agra Superfast Express) departed from Ajmer at 12.50 am and while approaching towards Madar station, the driver overshot the red signal and the train collided with two rear wagons of a freight train which was passing through at an intersection/crossover.

Owing to this, four coaches of the train and its engine derailed, causing a huge disruption to train operations in both up/down sections for several hours. The report said no casualty or injuries were caused by the incident, though the train’s speed at the time of collision was 50 km per hour.

The loco pilot, too, admitted in his submission that before entering Madar station, he saw the first signal in double yellow position and second in single yellow.

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