Putin’s Robotnye & Kharkiv Gains Force Zelensky To Cancel Trips; ‘Wake-up Call For Allies,’ Warns UK

The Russian Army has been on a rampage in the Kharkiv region since its incursion on May 10. The Russian defence ministry announced that it had captured two more villages in the region, taking the total number to 12 in 6 days. It also said that it had ‘liberated’ Robotnye in southern Zaporizhzhia on May 15. Ukraine’s General Staff has now moved in reinforcements to the east of the Kharkiv region in Kupiansk as “extremely difficult situation” prevailed near the border town of Vovchansk. Ukrainian President has now cancelled all his abroad trips amid this Russian push. UK’s defense secretary even warned that the Russian advance was a ‘wake-up call’ for Ukraine’s allies. Watch for more details. INTERNATIONAL NEWS


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