Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of misleading people on 2 crore job promise

“The Congress has resolved to undertake employment revolution under Yuva Nyay. Our guarantee is that as soon as we come into government: We will fill 30 lakh government posts, every educated youth will be given a job worth Rs 1 lakh per year under the ‘Pehli Naukri Pakki’ scheme and we will get rid of paper leaks by making a law,” the Congress leader also said in a post in Hindi on X.

The Congress has been targeting the BJP government on the issue of unemployment and intend to make it an issue in the Lok Sabha poll campaign.

“This is the time to recognise the difference in the policies of the two ideologies. The Congress wants to build the future of the youth and the BJP wants to mislead them. The youth will have to change their destiny with their own hands by breaking the web of illusion. ‘Employment revolution’ will have to be brought in the country,” Gandhi also said.

The Lok Sabha polls are scheduled to be held between 19 April and 1 June.

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