Rahul Gandhi questions PM Modi’s OBC claim

In response Gandhi wrote, “Meanwhile, the Prime Minister often says there are only two castes in the country — rich and poor, but today in Parliament, he described himself as the ‘biggest OBC’.

“It is important to change this mentality of considering someone small and someone big. Be it OBC, Dalit, or tribal, economic and social justice cannot be provided to them without counting them. If Modi ji has so much to say, why is he afraid of counting?”

Gandhi repeated his question at a Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra rally in Ranchi, asking, “If we don’t even know how many tribals, Dalits, minorities, and backward classes are there in the country, then how can nyay (justice) be served?

“As soon as we spoke about the caste census, Narendra Modi said there was no caste in the country. There are only two castes — one is poor, and the other is rich. If there are only two castes in the country, Mr Modi, then how are you OBC? How did you become OBC?”

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