Rajasthan mine collapse: All 15 HCL officials rescued, 1 feared dead

All 15 Hindustan Copper Limited officials who had been trapped after a lift collapsed at Kolihan mine in Rajasthan’s Neem ka Thana district since Tuesday night were taken out Wednesday. Out of the 15 rescued, one is feared dead, an official told PTI.

Neem ka Thana Collector Sharad Mehra said that the 14 rescued were sent to SMS hospital in Jaipur for treatment and one was taken to a company hospital for examination as he is feared dead.

Fifteen personnel of the public sector company,  Hindustan Copper Limited,  got trapped in the Kolihan mine on Tuesday night when a cage used to carry the personnel fell down after a rope broke, police said.

A vigilance team, along with senior officials and workers of the state-owned company, had gone inside the mine for an inspection. However, when they were about to come up, the rope holding the cage broke due to which it collapsed and the personnel were trapped at a depth of several hundred feet, police said.

The trapped persons were rescued in rounds.Three officials, Hansraj, AK Sharma, and Preetam were rescued and taken out of the mine in the first round. Five more, GD Gupta, Vanendu Bhandari, AK Bohra, Niranjan Sahu, and Bhagirath were taken out in the second, while Ramesh Narayan Singh and Karan Singh Bohra were taken out in the third round.

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