Russia Aiding Kim’s “Pursuit of Weapons of Mass Destruction” US Fumes as Veto Halts Sanctions Watch

Russia used its veto power to effectively end official UN monitoring of sanctions on North Korea, drawing criticism from the US and its allies. The North Korea ally blocked the renewal of a panel of UN experts monitoring sanctions over its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs on March 27. The vote in the 15-member UN council had 13 in favor, with Russia against and China abstaining. The United States has called the Russia’s veto move a “self-interested effort to bury the panel’s reporting on its own collusion” with North Korea. The South Korean Ambassador to the UN said Russia’s veto is “almost comparable to destroying a CCTV to avoid being caught red-handed”. North Korea’s biggest economic benefactor and a traditional ally, China, also slammed the West for “blindly imposing sanctions” on North Korea.

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