Trump vows to stop outsourcing, as POTUS

At the time, the administration had targeted the H-1B visa programme that American companies use to make up for the shortage in local manpower for high-speciality jobs.

The US accounts for an estimated 62 per cent of the business that the Indian outsourcing industry gets worldwide. US companies that have outsourced to Indian companies include giants like Ford Motors, Cisco, American Express (Amex), General Electrics and Microsoft.

Of course, it’s not unusual for US presidents to rail against outsourcing and offshoring in general, as vast swatches of the country were wiped clean of manufacturing jobs that got shipped abroad to low-wage countries in a globalised economy.

President Joe Biden had called for an offshoring tax penalty in his platform for the 2020 election and former president Barack Obama called frequently and urgently for US companies to bring back outsourced jobs, threatening them with tax disincentives.

But are they comparable? Memories of the mass recalls from that first Trump Era will be giving many a corporate executive — and presumably government officials, in an India already battling widespread unemployment — a series of nightmares.

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