UN humanitarians voice concern over escalation in West Bank

The incident occurred as Palestinian herders were grazing sheep when settlers reportedly from the Asfar settlement outpost asked them to leave at gunpoint, leading to stone throwing between the Palestinian herders and settlers, before one of the settlers opened live fire.

Since 7 October, OCHA has recorded 233 settler attacks against Palestinians, resulting in Palestinian casualties (29 incidents), damage to Palestinian-owned property (168 incidents), or both casualties and damage to property (36 incidents).

“This reflects a daily average of seven incidents, compared with three since the beginning of the year. Over one-third of these incidents included threats with firearms, including shootings. In nearly half of all incidents, Israeli forces were either accompanying or actively supporting the attackers” OCHA added.

As of Saturday, a total of 11,078 people have died in Gaza and 1,200 in Israel.

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