Who Are Nikolai Patrushev, Anton Vaino And Aleksey Dyumin, Russian Officials With New Responsibilities in President Vladimir Putin’s Government? | World News

Amid the Russia-Ukrain crisis, President Vladimir Putin is reshuffling people in his official circle. While Putin replaced his army chief days ago, he has now demoted one of the key aides while promoting two younger officials. President Vladimir Putin demoted Nikolai Patrushev to a job overseeing the shipbuilding industry, he elevated two younger lieutenants to senior Kremlin posts. 

Who Is Nikolai Patrushev?

Nikolai Patrushev is a Cold War warrior who crafted the Kremlin’s national security strategy for a long and was considered close to President Putin.  According to Reuters, Patrushev also served in KGB – the Russian spy agency. Patrushev was moved from the heart of the modern-day politburo to oversee shipbuilding after serving as secretary of the Security Council for 16 years.

Who Is Aleksey Dyumin?

President Vladimir Putin promoted Aleksey Dyumin to oversee a key Kremlin job. Dyumin was one of the bodyguards of Putin. Dyumin has been brought into the Kremlin after serving as a regional governor of Russia’s Tula region. As per the promotion, he would now oversee the defence industry, the State Council advisory body and sport.

According to Reuters, Dyumin entered Russia’s Federal Guards Service (FSO), which ensures the security of the Kremlin elite, in 1995 and guarded Putin during his first and second terms. He has also worked as deputy head of the GRU (Russian military intelligence). As per experts of the Russian political circle and Kremlin insiders, many believe Putin sees Dyumin as his successor.

Other Reshuffles

Vladimir Putin retained Anton Vaino, 52, as chief of staff and Alexei Gromov, 63, and Sergei Kiriyenko, 61, as first deputy chiefs of staff and elevated Maxim Oreshkin, 41, to deputy chief of staff. Patrushev’s 46-year-old son, Dmitry, was, however, promoted to the job of deputy prime minister in charge of agriculture. Oreshkin, born only nine years before the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, was promoted from Kremlin economic aide to the job of deputy chief of staff.

In the government, Denis Manturov, 55, was given the role of first deputy prime minister and will run industry while Alexander Novak, 52, will remain as deputy prime minister overseeing energy but will get additional duties for running the economy.

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