Woman Claims She Is The Secret Granddaughter Of Lamborghini Founder, Has DNA Proof

Flavia Borzone, from Naples, has filed a lawsuit in a court in Italy.

A woman in Italy has claimed that she is the secret granddaughter of the founder of Lamborghini sports car. Flavia Borzone, who works as a beautician in Naples, also said that she has the DNA evidence to prove it, after she tested his daughter Elettra’s saliva, according to a report in The Telegraph. Ms Borzone said she hired a private detective to retrieve a drinking straw used by Elettra, a singer, to prove that they are sisters, the outlet further said.

The details emerged from a court case filed in Bologna on Monday.

In the lawsuit, she claimed the DNA sample was tested at the University of Ferrara, where experts said the genetic sample proved Borzone and Elettra were related.

The 35-year-old also alleged that Tonino Lamborghini, whose father created the luxury car business in 1963, and her mother Rosalba Colossimo met at a bus stop in 1980.

Mr Lamborghini was allegedly driving a car and noticed the young woman was waiting for a bus and stopped to offer her a lift. The two then allegedly struck up a relationship, which ended with Ms Borzone being born in 1988.

“I don’t want to offend anyone, I just want to know whose daughter I am,” Ms Borzone told the court, as per The Telegraph report.

However, Mr Lamborghini has denied that Ms Borzone is his daughter and sued her and her mother for defamation after she went public with her findings, the outlet further said.

But her lawyer claimed Mr Lamborghini had “admitted to having a relationship with Colossimo” in a conversation recorded by Ms Ms Borzone, and that her real name – Clelia – was a tribute to her mother.

Ms Borzone was not pursuing the case for financial reasons, her mother said. “My daughter doesn’t want money, she just wants the truth. If it had been all about the money, I would have done all this when Flavia was two years old,” Ms Colosimo told The Telegraph.

The trial was adjourned till March.

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